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Granger Graphic Design & Website Design Jackson Michigan offers multi-talented services specializing in professional website design and digital marketing concepts to help build your brand and help your business grow. Our eye for design and attention to detail are of significant benefit to those we serve. We are creative in our layout and design concepts as well as in business aspects, finding many solutions for clients.

Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and tracks things such as the number of visitors to your site, what pages were viewed, user demographic information and much more. It is the most widely used website statistics service. We load a Google Analytics code into each of the websites we create.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important in getting your website seen. It is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's natural search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. Research indicates that most users will only look through the first three pages of search results. Thus, the importance of your site ranking high with search engine visibility.various website and marketing services

WordPress Content Management (CMS) are available to those who desire to update their own pages, once the site is built. For the more tech-savvy, we can build your site with a WordPress Content Management System and provide you with instructional tools to keep your site fresh.

Google Places is an extraordinary mapping application detailing geographically defined locations using Google Maps which displays the address or area of businesses and points of interest, and provides Google user reviews. Google Maps powers many other map location services, and provides street maps and routes. Having a Google Places account is essential for optimized rankings.

E-Commerce is the selling of goods or services over the internet. Granger Graphic Design can build an effective site to make your sales transactions more efficient and user-friendly.

Responsive Design includes the formatting of website design in a way that it most optimal for viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, including traditional PCs, smartphones and tablet devices. We build websites that include responsive design so that your business will maintain its professional web presence.

Website Portfolio

Arbor North Retirement Living
riemer eye center website design
Riemer Eye Center
gee farms nursery and garden center is located in Stockbridge Michigan
Gee Farms Nursery & Garden Center
Dobben Agency, LLC
Dobben Agency, LLC
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website design for Cascades Manor House
Cascades Manor House
website design for FOHO Missions
FOHO Missions
website design for Professional Communication Solutions
Professional Communication Solutions
website design for Concord Educational Foundation
Concord Educational Foundation
gee farms irrigation and landscaping is located in Stockbridge Michigan
Gee Farms Irrigation & Landscaping
Center Machine & Tool
Spring Arbor Township website screenshot
Spring Arbor Township
website design for Advanced Small Business Solutions
Advanced Small Business Solutions
website design for Pathway Landscape
Pathway Landscape
website design for Total Landscaping
Total Landscaping
website design for New Life Community Church
New Life Community Church
website design for toms custom floors
Tom's Custom Floors
website design for Cascade Refrigeration
Cascade Refrigeration
Jackson MI Underground Railroad
Jackson MI Underground Railroad
Honeycomb Signs
Well Well Well website designed for David and Yvonne Roller
Well Well Well: Bible Stories
website design for wood pest pros
Wood Pest Pros
website design for Slice of Spice
Slice of Spice
website design for Budds All Tractor
Budd's All Tractor
website design for Central Africa Healthcare Organization
Central Africa Healthcare Organization
website design for Yeutter and Associates
Yeutter & Associates
website design for the Law office of worth and worth
Law Offices of Worth & Worth
website design for Computer Ties
Computer Ties


“I'm blown away by the beauty of the site! You have captured the spirit of it perfectly, combining a lot of information with a sense of wonder. I’m thrilled! You absolutely nailed it. The starry night sky, with the tree and lantern, are a perfect introduction to what follows. ”

Linda Hass, 
Jackson Michigan Underground Railroad
Website Design

"We are experiencing a very high sales year. . . thanks to all of your promoting and marketing!"

Sue Chapel, General Manager
Cascades Manor House
Website Design & Digital Marketing

"I am so excited to have such a great website representing our company!  You do great work and you are so accommodating!  I will highly recommend you to anyone who is the market for a website!  Thank you again!! "

Alicia McEllis, Office Manager
Total Landscaping, Inc.
Website Design

"A reporter from the newspaper stopped by last week to talk to me. One of his comments was that Spring Arbor Township's website is much better than other township websites he had looked at. You are doing great! Thanks."

Marston Fortress, Former Supervisor
Spring Arbor Township
Website Design & Digital Marketing

"We had a new client come in recently - a young couple. I asked them who referred them. They said nobody referred them. They were new to the area and did an internet search. They said they came because they liked our website the best of the ones they found. That was music to our ears as I'm sure it is yours. I thought you would be happy to hear that."

Jeff Yeutter
Yeutter & Associates, PC
Website Design

"All foundation board members have been excited with the website Sarah Granger has created for us. She made excellent choices for our home page image, about us information, and design of each page for easy navigation and user appeal. We felt very confident that we would enjoy the results we have because Sarah put us at ease as she guided us through the process and accomplished our work in an amazingly short time."

Constance Britner
President, Concord Educational Foundation 
Website Design

"Through all our dealings with Sarah over the past several years, her work has always been of highest quality and her work ethic impeccable. She possesses an innate sense of color and design, which coupled with her creativity and discipline, results in very appealing and functional products. Her quiet demeanor belies a strong sense of confidence, intelligence and depth of talent that have only begun to be tapped. I am pleased to be able to recommend her without reservation, for the quality of work, which truly represents the quality of the person behind it."

A. Glenn Snyder, MD, MPH
President, Central Africa Healthcare Organization
Website Design & Print Design

The Process

For Websites and Marketing Services:

1. Client will be provided with a contract or work order outlining each project to be completed.

2. Once the client has signed the contract or work order and supplied a 50% non-refundable deposit, Granger Graphic Design will begin its work processes.

3. Granger Graphic Design will provide a specified number of design concepts for client review.

4. Client will select the design comp they prefer and either authorize Granger Graphic Design to move forward or request revisions.

5. Client will be able to request up to two (2) revisions of the selected comp before incurring any additional cost. A single revision can consist of several changes, but once the changes have been discussed and signed off on, that revision is considered authorized.

6. Granger Graphic Design will begin the project based on client's authorized direction. Once the creation process has been completed, the client will review and be able to request any "minor" changes to what they see. "Minor" changes can consist of text changes, image changes, small adjustment to element positioning, etc. If a "major" design change has been requested then this will incur additional charges ($50/hr) based on the amount of work to be completed. "Major" changes can consist of any changes to the design or structure of the project which deviates from the authorized documents that were signed-off by the client.

7. Once the design process is completed, and the client has reviewed and signed off on the final product, the remaining balance will be requested and received before the digital files are released, uploaded to the host/server, or the printed materials are handed over.

Please contact us with questions.

Other Work

Granger Graphic Design & Website Design is a firm believer in having a strong marketing plan that includes more than just your website. Though having a solid web presence is very important in our digital age. With our expertise we will help you incorporate digital marketing and social media marketing to make your business results most effective.

Digital Marketing

There is no denying it. The world is quickly shifting to digital communications marketing. People are consuming a greater amount of digital content on a daily basis through their mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets. Companies that have not yet recognized their digital strategies should begin doing so this year.

Here is a basic list of key forms of digital marketing:
websites and SEO content
internet ads
online video content
email marketing
mobile marketing

Why digital marketing?
Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional offline marketing. An email media campaign, for example, can reach hundreds or thousands of people at a fraction of the cost of a TV ad or print campaign, and potentially engages a wider audience.

Digital marketing can be tracked and monitored with ease. Customer response rates and click throughs can be measured in real time, which allows effective planning for the next one. Most importantly, it helps to build business relationships and sustain customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

Sometimes businesses are reluctant to engage with target audiences through social media. However, research has proven that some of the top benefits that companies are seeing from social media marketing include:

Social media marketing has generated a greater business exposure
Many have seen lead generation increase with conservative daily efforts in the involvement of social media
A large number use social media to gather marketplace intelligence
Businesses who have built their social media base continue to see a rise in search engine rankings

Granger Graphic Design & Website Design can assist you with your social media marketing efforts. We create page banners, posts and images that are sure to capture the attention of your audience and provide results for your business. Contact us for more information.

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