For Websites and Marketing Services:

1. Client will be provided with a contract or work order outlining each project to be completed.

2. Once the client has signed the contract or work order and supplied a 50% non-refundable deposit, Granger Graphic Design will begin its work processes.

3. Granger Graphic Design will provide a specified number of design concepts for client review.

4. Client will select the design comp they prefer and either authorize Granger Graphic Design to move forward or request revisions.

5. Client will be able to request up to two (2) revisions of the selected comp before incurring any additional cost. A single revision can consist of several changes, but once the changes have been discussed and signed off on, that revision is considered authorized.

6. Granger Graphic Design will begin the project based on client’s authorized direction. Once the creation process has been completed, the client will review and be able to request any “minor” changes to what they see. “Minor” changes can consist of text changes, image changes, small adjustment to element positioning, etc. If a “major” design change has been requested then this will incur additional charges ($50/hr) based on the amount of work to be completed. “Major” changes can consist of any changes to the design or structure of the project which deviates from the authorized documents that were signed-off by the client.

7. Once the design process is completed, and the client has reviewed and signed off on the final product, the remaining balance will be requested and received before the digital files are released, uploaded to the host/server, or the printed materials are handed over.

Please contact us with questions.